Speech and Swallowing in Parkinson’s Disease

  • PD is a progressive neurological condition that affects movement throughout the body.
  • Most people also experience changes to their voice, speech and swallowing.
  • Voice may be soft, monotone or breathy.
  • Speech may be mumbled, with varied rate, imprecise consonants and quick rushes of speech.
  • Swallowing difficulties have a range of symptoms – see Dysphagia


  • An intensive therapy program specifically designed for people with PD who have a soft voice.
  • Focusses on turning speech from an automatic process to an intentional process thereby recruiting brain functions that are less impacted in PD.
  • Taught through 12 individual sessions over 4-weeks with follow up and maintenance options through individual and group therapy.
  • Commitment of daily practise outside of sessions is essential

Who is SPEAKOUT! For?

  • Anybody with PD who is experiencing communication difficulties due to speech and voice changes.
  • SO may also be suitable for people with the following conditions: essential tremor, progressive supranuclear palsy, cortico-basal degeneration, lewy body dementia and multiple system atrophy.
  • Before commencing, an assessment session is completed to ensure eligibility.

Sound Level Meter – (SLM) an instrument that is designed to measure sound levels acurately. 

Mobile, Telehealth and in-clinic Speech Pathology appointments for ages 13+